Staff Homepage

Welcome to the Summer Staff Homepage here at KIVU!!  We couldn't do what we do without quality young men and women who care about the physical, spiritual, and relationship development of middle school and high school students.  We are looking for University students who love God, love the outdoors, and can relate to today's teen environment. 

The KIVU staff is a family of sorts, and we can't wait to have you out to join us for a summer adventure in Colorado.  

The hiring process is a simple one.  We start interviewing for the summer season in the fall previous.  We welcome applications from September 1 to December 1 with guaranteed interviews during this season.  After December 1, we still welcome applications but cannot guarantee interviews. 

We take this process VERY SERIOUSLY, as we know parents around the world are trusting KIVU with their most prize possessions.  So before you apply we want you to know...

1.  We will review every application that comes into our office.

2.  We will set up a 30 minute interview time to talk over your application.

3.  We will set up a background check to make sure we know everything about you we can.

4.  We will hire people who have a like minded approach to teenagers, the gospel, and the work environment.

5.  We will approach this decision just like a secular employer. 

We want the 'best of the best' to work with the teens who come out here, and to date; we've set up a fertile environment to foster a KIVU family like atmosphere.  We have a no tolerance policy when it comes to anything that takes away from the focus here at KIVU, mainly to LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS at all times.

So, if you're still in...

You'll want to click the KIVU icon at the top of this page, contact us here at KIVU, and we'll set up an appointment to make sure you get a chance to ask any questions you have, as we will ask the questions we know make a good staff team.

A willing heart, an encouraging spirit, and a servant attitude is what it takes to make it as a KIVU staff member. 

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